The culture of any workplace informs and reminds everyone how things are done, the “local standards” for how to navigate change, differences, setbacks, inevitable frustration, stress and pressure.  Leaders set the tone by building the culture and environment to inform, guide and allow others to contribute their best work. A sincere best effort comes naturally from those who are committed.  Leaders can enable or interfere with this natural drive to succeed and thrive.

Buy why stop there? Aspire to inspire others to take full responsibility for the results they get (or don’t get) and let them focus on mustering the will to get even the most difficult things done.  This is what we call building a Commitment Workplace™.

Rather than asking for commitment to goals or project deadlines (you have to do that anyway, to ensure there are no objections or unstated objections), effective leaders can reinforce principles and best practices that allow others to build their own resolve. Determination and will power arise naturally when the right conditions are present. They must feel the relevance of their contributions and how they fit into the bigger picture — the strategic imperatives or so-called “critical success factors” — of the organization.

It is so easy to get lost in the daily shuffle, feel like a cog in the wheel, and forget why they took their job in the first place, … let alone why it matters, how their contributions are meaningful, and they do matter, in the bigger picture.

Our programs instill in key contributors that this is shared responsibility — management provides resources, and leaders help steer and navigate, but the rest is in their court. What would have your people striving to do their absolute best work?

What are the leadership traits that you want everyone to uphold, even under stress or pressure, and aspire to mastery, never-ending improvement, and powerful continuous learning?  See more on leadership or coursework that may be the start of some new traditions in performance and exceptional results.