Course Description: Business Communication Skills

Why this course?

Your ability to communicate is your most powerful resource for succeeding in your business and personal life. Yet you or your colleagues may have the natural “human” tendency to only listen well when you happen to already agree, to say exactly what you mean only to friends or one-on-one, or other unfortunate side-effects of stress, old habits, or lack of time.

Think about it. Are there times when conversations go off track and you just can’t seem to get it back? What happens when you’ve been going over and over the same ground without moving forward? Do you feel comfortable presenting your “wild ideas” to a group of strangers? Our workshops provide professional communication skill-building opportunities for those who want better results with people in diverse, high-intensity, collaborative work environments.

Build the communication awareness and skill that would sling-shot you and your organization to greater heights of success in convenient, 2-3 hour modules. We help people put in practice what’s been studied in prior workshops, clearing the way for accelerated personal and professional achievement. What could be easier?

What Participants Will Learn

Using the latest neuroscience applied to business communication and learning, participants will build on existing strengths to discover

  • Ten common errors people make in communication, coaching or conflict resolution – and how to correct them.  
  • How can you move things forward quicklywithout stepping on toes
  • Confrontation (speaking directly to an issue or problem) without causing defensiveness
  • The “language of agreement” — ensure that meetings are productive and get results
  • How to notice when you’re losing the other person – tools to quickly get back on track
  • Creative ways of dealing with differences, handling resistance and negativity in others
  • Setting healthy boundaries, especially important when others don’t
  • What to do when you get “hooked” by the other person’s mood or emotions
  • How to better manage your own moods, anger and frustrations, uncertainty and doubt
  • Build solid workplace relationships based on trust, mutual respect with practical tools

Course Length

4 – 18 hours total classroom time.

Delivery options: (a) 3-8 half-day modules, or as part of a series on related topics; or
(b) 2 to 3-day intensive (includes styles instrument).