Course Description: Coaching & Leadership Skills

Target Audience

Managers, click supervisors, team leaders and members, and professionals at all levels of the organization who want the interpersonal skills to effectively coach others

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role and importance of coaching for success: a shift from managing people to providing an environment where people self-manage
  • Clarify what coaching is (a set of interpersonal skills) and isn’t (teaching, therapy…)
  • Assess current level of skill as a coach and identify additional coaching skills that would be valuable to learn
  • Learn the “how to” structures of coaching; tools like brainstorming, accountability check-ins, effective use of time/tracking systems, problem-solving tools, and others

Course Contents

Using the latest neuroscience applied to business communication and learning, participants will build on existing strengths to discover

  1. Introduction:  Examples of the Art and Practice of Coaching others
  2. Purpose and Definition of “Coaching” — Shared Interpersonal Power and Authority
  3. Demonstration of coaching situations and styles to address work-related challenges
  4. Eight Essential Elements of Coaching; Four Key Skills: Rapport, Clear Goals, Clear and Complete Agreements, and Asking Powerful Coaching Questions
  5. What are your natural strengths as a coach? Self-assessment and Learning Plan
  6. Providing Recognition and Feedback
  7. The “how to” Structures of Coaching
  8. Handling Resistance and Negativity
  9. Role-play Challenging Coaching Situations
  10. Integration Plan for Ongoing Learning and Application

Course Length

16-20 hours total classroom time

Delivery options: (a) 1 day intensive followed by 2 half days; or
(b) 4 half-day sessions; or (c) 2-1/2 day intensive.