Course Description: Leadership Development & Team Communication Skills

Target Audience

Managers, viagra executives, supervisors, team leaders, entrepreneurs, support staff; anyone who wants to increase their leadership and team communication skills.

Course Objectives

  • Explore the attitudes, behavior, and strategies that help people communicate effectively, lead change, negotiate to resolve differences, coach and mentor, and dramatically improve individual and team performance.
  • Notice when a conversation is starting to go off track, and strengthen skills for politely and quickly getting back on track
  • Increase trust that others will solve problems intelligently, make well-considered decisions, and express their ideas confidently, clearly and directly.
  • Acquire powerful negotiation skills to influence and persuade others toward shared goals; result is increased cooperation and collaboration.
  • Provide a wider range of choices for responding to situations where there are different goals, different strategies, or different styles
  • Learn tools to get beyond differences, build rapport, improve the quality of interpersonal relationships, team performance and thereby organizational results.

Course Contents

  1. Ten Common Errors – and how to avoid them – in communication, leadership & negotiation
  2. Rapport: how to strengthen it and how to respond when you lose it
  3. Handling differences: Verbal patterns to replace knee-jerk responses and keep the door open for continued communication
  4. Gathering and presenting information: how to get at the key pieces of what people know
  5. Questioning Assumptions, Interpretations, and Limitations
  6. Negotiating win-win agreements, developing an effective proposal
  7. Delegating:  when to let go, when to follow up and make sure (hold accountable)
  8. Coaching: Recognition and Feedback, the Art of Gentle Confrontation, Structure & Intuition

To read more about the anticipated outcomes of what is taught in this course, see the Course Roadmap.

Course Length

20 – 28 hours total classroom time, delivered as 8 sessions of 2½ – 3½ hours each;
24 classroom hours is optimal.