How We’re Different

We’ve found that despite the best of intentions, most change efforts and trainings fall short because the learning is isolated, generic, theoretical, and thus easily forgotten. Compared to most off-the-shelf seminars, or pre-recorded training programs, our focus is on what’s happening in the moment with participants, allowing for “just-in-time” learning of skills, and preparing to apply the value of that learning  immediately, during practice sessions, and going forward as a new tradition.  With structured learning plans once the program is completed, participants build in support structures utilizing the latest techniques.    

We provide tools and technology to make the learnings take hold for participants in their everyday repertoire. A common complaint about other programs has been “I barely use what I learned from that [competitor’s] workshop.  I barely remember even attending the thing, but here’s the notebook on the shelf to prove it actually happened.”

By contrast, our programs emphasize application and integration of the skills in three essential ways:

  1. We accommodate individual learning styles to build on each person’s strengths. When participant’s classroom experiences match how they naturally think and learn, long-lasting, breakthrough behavior change often results.
  2. Peer coaching and mentoring is structured into the post-training learning plans to helps hold the focus on priorities.
  3. Visual reminders, tracking tools, and support technology suited to your unique culture for systematic practice and continuous improvement.

Curriculum and Model

Unlike other total quality training and consulting services, our work is based on the systematic study and application of human excellence, as verified through recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience. Much of our work is based on neurolinguistics and principles of neuroplasticity, and our consulting and training staff bring more than two decades of experience to benefit our clients.

This practical approach, based on extensive research and application, captures what other, successful people and organizations do to consistently produce results, then provides timely and relevant skill-building opportunities for participants.

Further, because we bring with us a tremendous respect for people’s uniqueness, most participants feel comfortable exploring, taking risks (“let’s make some good mistakes!”), and discovering how to be more effective. A non-threatening and fun learning experience leads to frequent “AHA!’s” for participants, often providing substantial return on investment. 

To leverage and integrate classroom and online learning, we make it easy to combine between-session “field study” with structured practice sessions. Skill mastery builds in a positive spiral as participants increase their passion for continuous improvement.

When you partner with us, these advantages become your team’s advantages.  Changes in relationships and capabilities, improved communication and effective leadership that lasts a lifetime.