Course Description: People Skills for Leading Change

Target Audience

Managers, site executives, recipe sales, marketing and technical professionals, entrepreneurs, internal consultants & trainers; anyone who wants to increase their ability to lead change skillfully.

Course Objectives

  • To help participants understand what to expect when initiating change; to help lead others skillfully in times of turbulence
  • Explore the attitudes, behavior, and strategies that help people communicate about change effectively, resolve differences, collaborate easily, and produce results
  • Notice when a conversation is starting to go off track, and improve skills for politely and quickly getting back on track
  • Acquire powerful skills to influence and persuade others toward shared goals
  • Provide a wider range of choices for responding to situations where there are different goals, different strategies, or different styles
  • Provide tools to get beyond resistance, deal with differences, build rapport, and improve the quality of relationships
  • Become more confident and creative at expressing ideas clearly and directly with a minimum of effort.

Course Contents

  1. Ten Common Errors – and how to avoid them – in dealing with change, workplaces and markets that are constantly in flux. 
  2. Organizational and Culture Change roadmap (customized to your present situation)
  3. Leadership Principles and Strategies for dealing effectively with change 
  4. Skills and Strategies for success with leading people through the phases of adapting to change
  5. Importance of Rapport: how to strengthen it and how to respond when you lose it
  6. Handling Differences: Verbal patterns to replace knee-jerk responses and keep the door open for continued discussion or negotiation
  7. Negotiating win-win agreements
  8. Gathering and presenting information: how to get at the key pieces of what people know
  9. Presenting Bad News and other essential skills to get change initiatives off to a good start

Course Length

9 – 24 hours total classroom time, delivered as either
a) Modular:  3 – 6 sessions of 3 – 4 hours each; 16 classroom hours is optimal
b) Intensive:  2 – 3 full day (6-8 hour) sessions.
c) Webinar format (can be customized)