We deliver management consulting, group facilitation, breakthrough innovation, training and coaching services. Our programs and services help make strategic investments in developing leaders, turning goals into rock solid commitments, improved communication, collaboration, culture and results. 

Individual and team performance improvements contribute to both local and organizational health, improved morale, ability to lead and manage change, innovate, and add meaning to work. These investments in people, processes and practices yield better economic performance. But we help achieve this in ways that last … in ways that can truly make a workplace work better.

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Type of Service Summary of Specialization
Develop Leaders & Organizations Helping organizations develop their leaders, so leaders can improve performance, and achieve breakthrough results.  We use a system of assessment, planning and applied learning, which can be combined with specific modules on presentation skills, leading meetings, group facilitation, collaboration or teamwork skills (see next skill area).  With deep experience in using data analytics and business intelligence to unify teamwork, focus and align innovation initiatives, provide consensual accountability and and empower change.
We bring expertise in business, management and cutting-edge neuroscience applied to business communication, coaching, collaboration and the human relations aspects of quality, sales, and customer service.  [ “Maturity” coaching | When to use coaching | Benefits of coaching  ]
Group Facilitation & Retreats Helping teams or organizations get on the same page about plans, develop a shared vision, or “norms” for working together can be a huge time-saving and often delicate task. It is rare for people to actually understand each other let alone agree.  But it does no good to “demand” compliance or consensus — it must arrive from effective group dynamics and seem like a choice.  We bring groups together in the right context, manage expectations and succeed in winning their hearts and minds, returning inspired and with new enthusiasm for focused work, taking initiative and being accountable to commitments they have made.
[ more on group facilitation services ]
Skill-Building Opportunities Field-tested workshops & seminars (skills trainings), facilitated negotiation, collaboration skills and more.
As an introduction or “audition,” our principals are often invited to give short talks, lead interactive sessions or deliver mini-workshops. See list of popular topics.
See also facilitator and team leader resources.
Leading Change We assist with managing and leading change through planning, project management and execution skills.  This includes continuous and discontinuous change (improvement initiatives vs. sorting out post-merger systems, for example), delivering smoother transitions, improved communication, more effective collaboration systems, aligned workflows, business processes and culture.
Resolving Disputes, Mediation and related Services When there are disputes, confidential conflict management services (mediation, coaching, facilitated negotiation or forms of “shuttle diplomacy”) help resolve departmental, division or personnel issues.  We are certified in conflict management with more than two decades of successful case development and interventions to sort out issues.  We’ve resolved business and workplace-related issues ranging from culture wars to problems with team morale, coping with change, personnel disputes, and swiftly handling long-standing patterns of dysfunction.  We can help.
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Individual Coaching & Team Development Services Coaching, tele-coaching (by phone or interactive video), coaching for teams or individuals using style instruments and surveys, and/or one-on-one consulting, teaching or mentoring … can be variously applied to reach important goals.  Examples — our own Top 10 list:

  1. Want a new job?  Want to make your current job situation better?  Need a great resume.  
  2. Preparing to give a presentation
  3. Assigned something completely new
  4. Want to gain a new skill or make a career transition?
  5. Need more time for family, less all-consuming pressure at work (setting healthier boundaries)
  6. In a new job and wanting to give it your absolute best
  7. Dealing with someone that you find frustrating, or worse
  8. Stuck in a routine that needs to change
  9. Have a great idea but nobody is listening (persuasion and/or proposal-writing skills)
  10. Stress!

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