Improve Communication

icon-communication What would improved communication do for you and your organizationhome-image-01?  Are your  programs and initiatives designed to improve communication starting to pay off?  What further investments might be worth considering?

The reality is that communication is more art than science.  Even we know our message is conveyed exactly as we mean to, the other person or group cannot help but distort, delete parts of it, generalize and interpret what we are saying.  So, what can be done?

Tools, not Rules

At Daniel Robin & Associates we have a proven track-record of success for more than two decades  helping our clients greatly improve their communication — interpersonal, interdepartmental, and organization wide. To date, here are some examples of where our tools have been used to gain mutual understanding, influence outcomes, and achieve desired results:

1. Ended the “blame game” at a manufacturer and distributor in California.  Perpetual material shortages caused lots of finger-pointing and deflecting of responsibility that ended when we delivered training in how to deal with negativity, and later provided meeting management training so that cross-functional teams could work together in collaboration rather than defending their turf.

2. A self-assured but narcissistic vice president realized (direct quote) “there’s a whole going on out there” during a rapport skills training. This “Aha!” was like a light going on and shifted interpersonal relationships department-wide, starting with the example set by the VP, at this large food manufacturer.

3. A Fortune 100 company hired Daniel Robin & Associates to help their Board of Directors better cope with pressure and the need to lighten their load during a retreat session on how to use humor appropriately.  A good time was also had by all.

4. Dozens of managers and executive learned effective coaching skills and how to better handle interpersonal differences at a series of modular training sessions.

What are some of the keys to building more effective communication at your place of work?