Professional Background and Experience

Daniel N. Robin, principal, is a business consultant, financial adviser, workshop leader, facilitator and coach with more than two decades experience resolving issues, leading change, innovation and sustainability initiatives at diverse companies, non-profits, schools and government agencies worldwide. The international management consulting firm he founded, Daniel Robin & Associates, specializes in workplace tools for collaboration, change management, alignment and commitment to performance and learning. He clients with more effective group dynamics, establishing new traditions of creative problem-solving, cooperation and learning strategies, using data analytics to guide decision-making and to inspire positive change throughout the US, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Daniel is also former adjunct professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS, now Middlebury Institute at Monterey), and the author of more than 250 published articles and extensive curriculum on communication, collaboration, negotiation, sustainability, conflict resolution, meeting management / facilitation, teamwork and change.

Mr. Robin received his bachelors in Computer & Information Science from University of California Santa Cruz, completed advanced studies in Marketing and International Business from UC Berkeley, and received certificates in coaching (Coaches Training Institute, San Francisco), public speaking (ATM, Toastmasters International), NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP Comprehensive, Colorado), and finance (Moody’s Analytics).

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Karin H. Leonard, principal, is a corporate trainer, professional coach, and practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). Karin has a clear, systematic approach to training & coaching that puts people at ease and inspires them to learn. Karin, a native of Germany, is fluent in English, German and French, and currently writing a book on personal mastery. For information about Karin’s executive coaching, presentations and audio programs, please see her Inner Evolution website.

Together with partner Daniel Robin they are co-directors of Better Workplace Programs at Human Fulfillment Instituteoffering programs in RenewalSpace:

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We work closely with experts in a wide range of related fields, such as corporate finance and business performance, information technology, and project management. For sustainability-related goals, see In3 Group, In3 Finance or In3 Capital.

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